Basement ceiling insulation with styrofoam - Instructions

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Basement ceiling insulation with styrofoam - Instructions

By insulating the basement ceiling, you save significantly on heating costs.

To insulate your basement ceiling with polystyrene

By insulating the basement ceiling, you can make the ground foot warmers and save on heating costs. Without insulation much heat is lost through the floor. This may an annualized quickly amount to several hundred euros - the cost of the insulation material therefore have paid for itself quickly.

  • The height of the basement should be sufficiently high so as not to restrict in your utility. The basement ceiling insulation is suitable for uninsulated, unheated cellar.
  • Before the dams, the cellar should be vacated as empty as possible, so you can work quickly and effectively, and the ceiling is freely accessible. It is also important that you rid the basement ceiling of dirt and dust, so that the adhesive can adhere properly.
  • Depending on the state of the ceiling, it is also recommended that this be primed with water-Tiefgrund. Look here please on the recommendations of the selected adhesive.
  • Thus no cold spots, it is important that you stick the polystyrene panels, with slight pressure, to shock. Process the adhesive to as indicated, and press the Styrofoam plate then slightly, align the plate and increase keeps the contact pressure to the plate.
  • Depending on the shape of your basement space to cut the polystyrene insulation boards may be consuming more or less. Inaccessible areas you can if this the blank of a Styrofoam plate is not suitable, stuffed with insulating wool. Only disadvantage here is the uneven appearance.
  • If you have insulated the complete surface of your basement ceiling in this way from below, the adhesive needs to dry correctly. From heat-technical point of energy recovery is complete. From a purely optical point you can consider whether you want to re-plaster the basement ceiling additionally.
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