Basement stairs - lay tiles

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Basement stairs - lay tiles

Lay tiles on the cellar stairs so that it gives a beautiful picture.

To tile a basement stairs

  • Be sure to buy floor tiles that do not become slippery when wet. And take care when tile size that fits in with stairs and the tiles can be laid well balanced on the stairs. Join Pappfliesen an installation test.
  • You will need a very good tile cutter, because no matter what you choose tile size, it will have to be much more tailored.
  1. Before starting the work, consider how you come to work out of the basement when the staircase is not accessible. Always Works at 2 passages in which you each beautify only every 2nd stage: Since it is easier to work from the top down than from the bottom up, you have a trick if the basement has no second access.
  2. Flatten each step with screed or putty in order to obtain a smooth surface. only the process too, a half of the stages, then the other.
  3. Then tiles to each stage 2 and then tread if they are walked on, again the remaining stages. If you are unsure of the necessary cuts, make paper stencils as patterns.
  4. Once the tiles have been laid safely on the treads, you tile the faces of all levels of the basement stairs. Here you can work on a train, have to be careful that you do not step on the edge of the stage.
  5. Finally, grouting the tiles on the basement stairs with grout, and here you can work on a train, but go cautiously up the stairs, do not occur in the joints.

Now that you have cleaned and polished the tiles, your basement stairs shines thanks to the tiles in a new light.

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