Bass - construction

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Bass - construction

A bass resembles a violin under construction very.

The double bass - the instrument

  • The double bass is the largest and deepest string instrument, there is. It differs significantly from the violin or viola, as it is not held on the shoulder, but with an extra foot is on the floor and is usually played while standing.
  • Due to its very melodious sounds of the double bass in many styles of music can be used and exploited. So, its range extends genre from jazz to classical.
  • He is very large, it is usually played while standing. If you want to play him in a sitting position, so a very high stool is needed to ensure an affable way of playing.
  • Looking at the building, so there are some other differences, but also similarities to other stringed instruments.

Construction and other details - knowing

  • The bass is much larger than the violin or viola, but has a similar structure. Its large and curved sound that is made of wood and intended to reinforce the sound of four strings, very reminiscent of a violin in large format.
  • In addition, the bass has the typical sound holes, which also has a violin. They take the form of an "f" and be named accordingly "f-holes".
  • Another commonality in construction and the bass has a very long neck with a fingerboard, which is without frets. By pressing the strings at certain points with his left hand and striking it with your hand or a bow in the right a warm sound is produced, which blends well with other stringed instruments.
  • There are models with four or five strings. Mostly, however, are those with four strings in use that are tuned to the notes E, A, D and G, just like a guitar.
  • In summary it can be said that this instrument is much larger, much deeper tones plays than other stringed instruments, and thus complements, but its structure is similar to a violin or similar in many ways.
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