Bath Refinishing - so you accentuate your bath right

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Bath Refinishing - so you accentuate your bath right

Bath Refinishing can shine blunt bathtubs again.

Before painting with Bath Refinishing

  1. First you need to clean your bath very well and thoroughly with a lime and degreaser.
  2. Now you wear on scouring and sand the surface of the bath with a very fine wet sandpaper after.
  3. Following all residues must be carefully removed with water.
  4. To apply the paint must Baden When the bathtub dry, dust and lint. If you would dry the bathtub with towels to fine lint would lay on the surface. For this reason, the drying of the bathtub surface is recommended by heat gun or hair dryer.
  5. Make sure that the bathroom is free of textiles (clothes, towels) and free of dust.
  6. Connect best all doors and windows before you start applying the paint bath.
  7. Glue all faucets and edges carefully with tape and foil from.

mix and apply the paint bath

  1. Now is the bathtub paint, usually consisting of 2 to components, precision mixed and filled in a coating pan.
  2. Begin precoated the corners and hard to reach places with a brush.
  3. Now the rest of the bath is equipped with bathtub paint. Now comes a solvent resistant roller used. Wear the Baden When varnish on carefully, evenly and thinly. In order to avoid blistering and approaches, you should always work in wet wet.
  4. Ink splashes should be removed immediately with Nitro dilution and a cloth.
  5. Depending on the manufacturer's specification of Baden When the paint, the paint must dry at least 1 hour.
  6. After this drying time, you can contribute to increase the hiding power, apply a second coat.
  7. Doors and windows should remain closed for at least 24 hours. In general, the bath is to be used only after 5 days again and should not come into contact with water during this Zei.
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