Batman vs Spiderman - advantages and disadvantages of both superheroes

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Batman vs Spiderman - advantages and disadvantages of both superheroes

The spider or bat - for many not an easy decision.

There are a number of famous superheroes. While some have but it developed over time rather heroic second row, such as the somewhat stale Superman finds in the favor of the fans for years an exciting duel, notably: "Batman vs Spiderman". The film series with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield or Christian Bale have the two heroes introduced many new fans and quite a few of them are undecided, which for now is to be the two heroes their favorite. The advantages and disadvantages of both you can, however, be a small decision support.

Spiderman taken under the microscope - Batman vs Spiderman

  • Spiderman is actually the completely nondescript and slightly goofy orphan Peter Parker, who was bullied at school and was considered a nerd.
  • By the bite of a spider he develops super powers. He can henceforth climb on walls, is fast and agile and much stronger than normal people. He also developed a series of practical cobwebs.
  • First Spiderman has not before but to help the law. It was not until his uncle is killed by a criminal, he realizes that he must use for the good his powers.
  • Peter case has a great love, the spirited Mary Jane that he dares to impress only when he is Spiderman.
  • In all of this, however, Spiderman remains a rather gentle and soft character: He has to have very quickly feel guilty and feel denied.

Batman versus Spiderman

  • Something that can well be seen as an advantage of Batman against Spiderman, its origin. Bruce Wayne, as his real name, is a multi-millionaire and heir of Wayne Corporation.
  • However, going with the richness also accompanied that Bruce Wayne has a slightly inflated compared to the shy Peter Parker and arrogant.
  • But this is only on the surface so, because actually Bruce is deeply traumatized: When he was little, he had to watch as his parents were killed. This gives it naturally a stronger motive than Spiderman to become a superhero.
  • Unlike Spiderman But he has no real superpowers. He is training for martial artists merely by eventual villain Ra's al Ghul and owes all his other achievements the inventor Lucius Fox.
  • In addition, Batman unlike Spiderman has a "Nemesis": In the course of the Knightfall saga him from villain Bane the backbone is broken. Bane is physically stronger than Batman, which is actually in superhero stories a no-go.

Conclusion: Spiderman is a likeable idiot who becomes invariably good hero by accident. Batman is driven by revenge, very strong-willed and with everything a normal person who works just hard on yourself. What you now more like the battle "Batman vs Spiderman", you must decide for yourself.

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