Bauknecht WA 9675 - instructions for cleaning the lint filter

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Bauknecht WA 9675 - instructions for cleaning the lint filter

Grooming keeps the machine fit. KFM / Pixelio

Clean the Bauknecht washing machine

Most the lint Machine is mounted behind a flap at the bottom of the washing machine. Where exactly the lint during front loader Bauknecht WA 9675 is attached, best seen in the manual of the device.

  1. Open the door of lint filter with a screwdriver or look in the manual to how to proceed alternatively.
  2. Place a large absorbent cloth under the opening to catch leaking water. Wring every now and again the underlaid dry cloth to absorb leaking water safely.
  3. Take the strainer with a slight twist to the outside.
  4. The strainer of Bauknecht WA 9675 then rinse clean under running water.

When large amounts of debris, brush the screen clean with a little detergent solution and then rinse again with clear water.

To maintain your WA 9675 after guidance

To maintain your Bauknecht washing machine regularly recommended to instructions regular descaling of the device.

  1. Obtain citric or special machine care from the drugstore.
  2. then First clean the detergent drawer. These encrusted detergent residues easily solved with a brush.
  3. Enter to instructions the half pack of citric acid or the machine care to the detergent compartment of your Bauknecht WA 9675 and start a washing program with the highest possible temperature.

Leave after the washing cycle always ventilate and check whether any items of laundry are entangled in the drum, the drum washing well. Wipe according to instructions regularly rubber seals and door openings of Bauknecht WA 9675 dry to prevent mold growth.

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