Beach Party - Games for a successful celebration

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Beach Party - Games for a successful celebration

A beach party just makes winter fun. / Pixelio

Prepare the Beach Party

For a proper beach party naturally includes the appropriate decoration that raises a "feel-good summer feeling":

  1. Create first an invitation, in which you ask your guests to appear in beach clothes and bring various accessories like a Hawaiian shirt, a swimsuit or swim shorts, flip-flops, a beach mat, sunscreen, a beach hat, a towel, sunglasses and / or diving goggles , A beach toys should, if available, are not missing.
  2. Prepare the room in which you want to celebrate the Beach Party, before. Clean up this, first of all. Then distribute white sheets as islands on the floor and spread, if you want Vogelsand it. Note, however, that you should this also easy to remove later. The floor of the room should therefore not be covered with a carpet. Between the islands you can distribute blue trash bags than seawater. Do you have a yucca, this makes as Stranddeko also very good. Distribute the accessories brought to the islands and leave inflated floating animals swimming in the sea. An air freshener with scent of the sea provides the right smell. In addition, leave in the background ocean waves resound. In winter you should also warm up the room with infrared lamps to a comfortable temperature.
  3. Set various soft drinks and juices prepared that you will use later. Blue Curacao, straws and various tropical fruits should not be missed.

These games have a beach feeling arise

Share. Your guests into equal groups, spread over the different islands These groups now play against each other and need to get a group together to target.

  • Ask each group to decorate a member with all available in the room tools for "island palm", voting, which is the most beautiful palm.
  • Among the very nice beach party games also includes the so-called Beach Song game. The group must consist of predetermined tunes such as "Little Hans ..", "On the North Sea coast .." "A little man stands in the forest ..." or "Do you know how much Sternlein ..." create a new beach song, should be carried forward at the end of course. You will see how much fun your guests will have in this case.
  • Play also the beach Cocktail game. The task of each group is to mix in the prepared ingredients a special cocktail and especially nice to decorate in a glass. This cocktail has to be edible but definitely, it will try to the end. Here your guests can be creative and contribute their ideas. You can then distribute a beach snack. Bounty Skewer halved this with a Raffaelo on toothpicks.
  • Of course, the Limbo dance at a beach party must. As Limbo bar you can use a broom handle, which is held by two people. Put on groovy Caribbean music and vote the limbo king of the evening.

With these games your beach party should be a success.

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