Beautiful places on the North Sea - insider tips for small island Baltrum

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Beautiful places on the North Sea - insider tips for small island Baltrum

Baltrum is a barrier island.

Baltrum is located in the North Sea

  • Baltrum is, with about 500 inhabitants and a total area of ​​about 6.5 square kilometers, a fact "sleepy" island dunes of the North Sea. Tourism has discovered this magical island though, but not crowded, unlike other North Sea islands. This beautiful German island located in the southern North Sea area, east and west of Norderney next next Langeoog. Distance between Baltrum and the mainland is 4.5 km away.
  • Take the ferry to get from Mainland, Aurich / Neeßmersiel over the sea arm "wichter ee" for south ferry terminal Baltrum. Not far from the ferry landing is also the airport, harbor and national park. Whoever thinks that the National Park House offers a parking space for convicted automobiles, subject to error. In all Baltrum applies limits to cars, except for police and doctor.
  • The National Park House is shown more clearly in some brochures by the notation "National Park House Baltrum". This notation is opposite the conventional, safe explanatory because it involves the, located on the mound, historic shipping offices. On the right past the National Park house, leads to the entrance of places West Village, the East Village, Old-Ostdorf. From northwest to southeast, extends this built-up area and in northeast leads to the beach.
  • The beautiful Baltrum is climatically influenced by the North Sea, including the Gulf Stream. Therefore, the temperature and humidity is subject to only minor fluctuations. In summer it is often a little cooler than on the mainland and in the winter slightly milder. Even the sun will love this beautiful place, because the sun shines longer than on the mainland. Due to the excellent climate Baltrum was in 1876 for "resort" and now the island is a nationally recognized health resort. The Hauptkurzentrum located in West Village.

Baltrum is in the North Sea as a Sleeping Beauty in the castle

  • The island itself is applying the slogan "Baltrum - Sleeping Beauty of the North" because of tourism came only late and still sparse on the island. If you want to visit Baltrum, you are between 15:03. and 31.10 must pay a visitor's tax. If you want to avoid these "price Expensive", you can visit Baltrum from November to March.
  • The idea of ​​renting a second home in Baltrum is very sexy. According to § 4 of the second home tax rate, however, requires about Baltrum € 368.00 tax for apartments up to an annual rent of € 1,840.00. All rents that are above, subject to a higher tax rate. The municipal administration can respect. Closer information under 04939-800, Westdorf 130, 26579 Baltrum reach.
  • To know Baltrum, contact best to the shipping company "Baltrum-line". Besides mainland trips, various calendars and souvenirs, the shipping company also organizes excursions such. As to the seal banks. It is also worth to experience a walk across the mudflats or the dragon-crate Square. Even the spa (West Village, Tel. 04939-800) helps large, if you want to visit such. As a kayak, surf or kite school. Even pony rides, Cobigolf, tennis, you can find something to enjoy on Baltrum.
  • If you have a dog with you, you pay attention to cleanliness by discarding the legacies in plastic bags. Direction Protection Zone National Park (southern island area) and the marina, you may run dogs free. Otherwise applies to Baltrum principle Anleinpflicht. Even though there are dogs on the beach, but only on a leash!
  • If you want to explore the beautiful places Western, Eastern and Alt-Ostdorf on Baltrum, it's a great feeling, to look forward to on Fährplatz Neßmersiel ferry. Tickets can be purchase with a debit card there on site at an ATM. On the ship itself which is possible only by cash.
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