Beef is tough - what to do?

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Beef is tough - what to do?

With good marbling beef is rare tough. wrwagner / Pixelio

The beef is tough - possible reasons

  • From bad meat is not a good roast. Therefore, select high-quality beef that was sufficiently depended. Often you did not find in the supermarket, but with a good butcher, who can also provide advice on the selection of the appropriate portion.
  • Choose the right portion to the desired preparation variant. Even with the most careful preparation, the beef can be tough when it comes to an unsuitable piece. An overview of all sections and their applications can help you with this.
  • Put a high-quality cookware, which allows a uniform heat distribution.
  • Cooking the meat as possible at lower temperatures over a long time. Is the beef chewy, which often is because it did not have enough time to cook. The situation is different when searing. Here, do not expose the beef short of heat, and during cooking do not move. Also pay attention to even roast on both sides, and let the meat rest after the oven and finish cooking.
  • Hold the roast moist: cooking the meat in the oven, be sure to prevent drying out, because dry beef is often tough. Use gravy and add additional water in small amounts to.
  • Cook the beef and it is tough, which is often due to a too short cooking time. The cooking is always the beef tender and may even fall apart.

Preparing roast beef and steak properly

  • Select beef than roast or steak, which is not too lean, but not too greasy. A fine marbling of the meat is flavorful often much better and more tender.
  • Fry never frozen meat, but thaw it before cooking slowly in the refrigerator, and let it rest at room temperature before it comes into the pan.
  • not Season the beef with salt before roasting. The salt removes water and the beef is tough.
  • Heat the pan of frying before you put the meat.
  • Fry briefly at the flesh from each side. The rule of thumb per centimeter is considered one minute. For steak medium the ideal reversing time has come when you can observe emerging at the surface of meat juice.
  • Thus, the beef is not tough, let it rest after frying and continue cooking in the oven. When the cooking time ends, you can the flesh another respite when switched heat.
  • Do you want the cooking verringer and preserve the beef yet before toughening, place it before frying in a marinade. This makes the meat more tender, can penetrate a centimeter per day but only about. Prepare the marinade just in time.
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