Beef roulade sauce from Bratrückstand make - is how it works

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Beef roulade sauce from Bratrückstand make - is how it works

Cook a Beef roulade sauce. siepmannH / Pixelio

Prepare a sauce for beef roulades

If you want to make Rinderrouladen to food, you can pull out of the Bratrückständen a tasty sauce.

  1. To prepare the sauce, you must first take the beef rolls out of the pot or roasting pan and keep warm in the oven this.
  2. Next, you can then add the diced onions sauté small in the fat of the beef rolls.
  3. Then take the onions out of the pot and sprinkle the Bratrückstand with some flour.
  4. Pour then the beef broth into the pot and stir the liquid to good, so that the Bratrückstand the ground dissolves and no lumps.
  5. You can then enter the onions back into the pot and add the butter.
  6. Taste the sauce now even with paprika, salt and pepper and let them then boil for 10 minutes.

cook a matching sauce with red wine

The Bratrückstand the Rinderrouladen You can boil down with red wine. The sauce tastes so very tasty.

  1. Take also for making this sauce out the beef rolls out of the pot.
  2. You can then a bunch of soup green that you need roughly chop before, fry in the pot.
  3. After sautéing the vegetables you can take it out briefly and then sprinkle the bottom of the pot with flour. Thereby, the gravy can be afterwards solve better.
  4. Now enter the red wine and the beef broth into the pan and add the vegetables again added.
  5. Let simmer the sauce so for about 1 hour.
  6. Finally, you need the sauce pour only through a sieve, season with salt and pepper and boil again for about 5 minutes.
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