"Beer or vodka?" - Find out more about alcoholic beverages and their calories

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"Beer or vodka?"  - Find out more about alcoholic beverages and their calories

Beer or vodka - knowing this Sebastian_Karkus / Pixelio

Between beer and vodka or similar strong strong drinks there are huge differences.

Beer or vodka - which has more calories

  • If you start from a standard drink of gastronomy, then includes a glass of 200 ml beer, Pilsener here, 84 Kcal. In beer are 5% vol. Alcohol.
  • A so-called Stamper with 20 ml vodka has 44 Kcal. are in vodka, depending on the quality of vodka, between 37.5% and 40% vol. Alcohol.
  • Since you are not pure drinking vodka, white rum and similar high-proof beverages in the rule, you must the calories of the liquid with which you renew your drink, attributed also to the calories of vodka. If you choose, for example, cola, so you have to be counted among the 44 Kcal again 61 Kcal. Take your drink with ice, then your vodka-cola drink has a calorie content of 90 Kcal.

The specific effects of beer and vodka

  • A portion of the alcohol contained in the spirituous liquors is absorbed directly through the oral mucosa. For this reason, you can also reach a borderline blood alcohol level, if you do, for example, in case of toothache, only with vodka or similar spirits rinses. The higher the alcohol percentage in your drink, the faster you will feel the effect.
  • In beer, the alcohol content is much lower than in cocktails and long drinks. This is why you feel the effect more slowly than in the high-proof drinks.
  • To a large extent it comes for you but also depends on how far you are accustomed to beer or vodka, whiskey and white rum. Each alcohol combination affects your body differently. It is quite possible that you experience from the much poorer alcohol beer much faster than an effect of the shooter or long drink with vodka and Co.

Basically, it is more advisable for you to choose beer. If it is possible to speak with alcohol at all of "healthy", then beer is healthier than vodka and Co.

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