Berber carpet: perform cleaning itself - Instructions

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Berber carpet: perform cleaning itself - Instructions

A real Berber comes from Morocco

What is a real Berber?

  • Well, if you say that you have a real Berber at home, you should make the statement more precisely, because a real Berber, a human, horse or carpet be.
  • The term Berber also relates to several nomadic tribes from North Africa, as the oldest, most famous horse race. In Europe, the word referred to by the link with the original migrant peoples, on homeless people. There is even a potato variety that bears that name.
  • However, far more known are the rugs that are made of Moroccan women from the village Amassine after year one hundred year tradition. Such carpet is woven from the special, Moroccan lamb's wool by hand.

The real carpet from Morocco has a meaning

  • According to traditional beliefs of Berber carpet with "Baraka", be provided a divine power, so that it serves its owner not only as an insulating substrate, but also to protect. Therefore, a real Berber carpet often wears a symbol to protect the owner against "evil eyes".
  • The Berber carpet is currently experiencing a renaissance, and is therefore manufactured in Morocco, Algeria, India and Tunisia. The tying methods are a little different. Basically, however, there are Berber rugs from single or double knotted knots.

The cleaning of a floor covering from Morocco is easy

  • A real Berber carpet is very easy to handle in nursing because it is made of pure wool with natural fat content, which is characterized by a dirt repelling effect. This durable and impact sound-absorbing carpet offers maximum space and comfort.
  • In a real Berber carpet surface by hand is sheared and the portions just turned away. That is the reason why a Berber carpet initially appear very fluffed. Sections forms to intensify among the knotted wool and are so entangled with the ground fabric.
  • For this reason, you should edit the Berber carpet in no way a knock sucker because you thus remove the carpet loose Wollreste. This will affect the quality and the long term you have a long-lint Oriental rug.
  • Invert the Berber carpet in the first 6 - 8 weeks only from or use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush hardwood. Usually an extensive cleaning of the hand-knotted Berber carpet only after many years is necessary because of natural fat (lanolin) protects the fibers exceptionally well, so that dirt can not penetrate, just suck from the surface.
  • Should fresh spots have formed, you respond quickly by editing with a white cloth and a soft brush the stain. Depending on how intense the stain, you are able to share a little warm water. In stores, there are also Berber rugs enzyme-free shampoos that you can use with.
  • If there is insufficient stain removal with the cloth, try to carefully remove the stain with a knife back. Then dab with a cotton cloth after you have soaked in lukewarm water and then wrung out.
  • Stubborn stains have to work with an agent from a specialized dealer. Seek advice, which means you should take care of that pollution.
  • If you resent the characteristic odor of sheep's wool, it is advisable to ventilate the Berber carpet. Ie., Ventilate to air dry days your rooms intermittently by opening the window completely. Please not during the rainy season, because of the high humidity promotes odors.
  • Only after many years, a complete cleaning by a specialized company may be necessary.
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