"Berlin day and night" visit - Information

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"Berlin day and night" visit - Information

Step into the world of "Berlin day and night".

Visit the performer of your favorite series

  • Fans of "Berlin day and night" to know that the series is played. Nevertheless, the locations are in Berlin and you can even explore and visit. If you are lucky, then the series is even upside down at this moment and you can watch the actors and maybe even meet and, for example, take a photo or get an autograph.
  • The tour to Berlin-Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg You can even make by public transport, so you need to book anything or join organized tour, which sets are public, but you can not get into the WGs. But if your favorite actor taking a break, talk this but simply, these are always happy when fans visit.

Explore the sets of "Berlin day and night"

  • Near the station "Silesian Gate", which can be reached by the subway line 1, is the WG of Joe, Ole and Alina, is in what turned most frequently. In Falckensteinstraße 48, see the set in a backyard and can meet the performers.
  • Also with the line 1 is the Warschauer Straße to reach and there is the "matrix", a nightclub, in which rotate the performer often, as this is the disco of "Piet" and go to work or enjoy there many of the roles.
  • From Matrix you can walk along the Spree River, there is the famous houseboat in which scabies Schmitti and Miri Land and operate a hookah bar between two bridges, the Elsenbrücke and Oberbaumbrücke. Also there you meet the actors of "Berlin Day and Night" especially on the deck of the houseboat good.
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    Step into the world of "Berlin day and night". Visit the performer of your favorite series Fans of "Berlin day and night" to know that the series is played. Nevertheless, the locations are in Berlin and you can even explore and visit.

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