Bill number - Informative

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Bill number - Informative

Each banknote has an individual bill number.

What you should know about the bill numbers

  • Each banknote has an individual bill number. There are around the EU every single bill just once.
  • These numbers can be distinguished into two different types. You can find the full number on the back twice on each bill before and another number can be seen once on the front. On the front, the number is very small and not very noticeable.
  • The regular number on the back tells you what country the certificate was produced. You can view and trace where the money comes a list of the initials in the Internet.
  • The number that you see on the front, reveals the city in which the money was printed. Thus we can see that printing money has produced.

understand the numbers on a slip

  • You will find on the back of a dollar bill in front of a long, twelve-digit bill number that begins with a letter and otherwise consists only of numbers. This figure is even lower left and upper right reprinted on the bill.
  • Establish that a bill is damaged, you can replace him with any bank. But this you must have half of the bill. For this reason, the number is printed twice. So one can understand with half a bill yet, what it is for a bill.
  • Note that the last digits of the number that is on the right side, outside of the filled area. This is a little evidence that the certificate is genuine.
  • The second number is marked on the front. You see a small, bright star. The number consists of six digits, and partly out of numbers and figures. The first letter tells the print shop.
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