bind book Kranz

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bind book Kranz

Always nice to look at - the book Wreath

Taking a book rim itself - so you get it back

  • Insert the required book for wreaths utensils possible within reach on your work surface. To save time and do not need later time searching for it.
  • If you (like also heart- or star-shaped, as you desire) have no ring or an adequate circular structures available, you can take quite a few flexible branches and tie them together with a binding wire: the perfect setting for your book Kranz.

Tie the branches with care and binding wire firmly

  • Wrap the Musterring extensively with moss or hay. Wrap it piece by piece, each layer with the binding wire in order to obtain maximum stability.
  • Cut your book Kranz now rightly boxwood. Ideally, you select a portion length of about 9 centimeters.
  • Add a few branches to a bouquet-like structure together and drape it on the rim. Even then each followed by a piece of binding wire to fix firmly as possible the green.
  • If the entire circle wrapped in the branches, the next row is off: To do this, cut cope more branches, but this time with a length of only about 5 centimeters. When you fix this in the same way as the situation above, you get a sense a three-dimensional effect.
  • The basic framework is done and you can do this now - if you like - decorate with the decorative band. This can either be selectively attached with a few needles wire or hot glue.

As a highlight, the book wreaths it makes sense to put at last a few decorative accents. For example, with dried berries, stones, plastic figures and so on. Let your creativity run wild.

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