Bingo - and how you play the game rules it at home

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Bingo - and how you play the game rules it at home

Bingo - Let the balls roll. Daniel_Gast / Pixelio

There are several rules of bingo. The number of figures can vary and the bingo cards can be designed differently. A variant is presented here in more detail.

These are possible rules of Bingo

  • When bingo numbers from a lottery drum are drawn. The numbers are printed on small balls. Each number 1-100 is present only once.
  • Each player receives a Bingo - and how you play the game rules it at home

    with 25 numbers. In the (purchased) cards, each card is present only once.
  • Before starting the game, each player may check one will. For some lots, the box in the center is already marked. Here then skip this step.
  • The aim of the game is, diagonally, vertically or horizontally to achieve a series of numbers from 5 figures. The previously selected number can not be a part of the series.
  • The game leader now attracts every 10 seconds a ball from the lottery wheel and the number drawn at least once says loud and clear. This ball is kept in a separate container.
  • The player then cross the numbers called on your bingo cards.
  • If a player has marked a complete number series of numbers called, he calls out "BINGO". Exclaims he has won the game.
  • The GM can check using the balls in separate container, whether the winner has also honest ticked his numbers.
  • In some events it is possible that the player may use multiple bingo cards.

So you can play your bingo at home

You can play the game at home without an expensive lottery drum with the simplest means. The rules can be adopted from the top or you can create your personal Bingo Rules.

  • Write on index cards or ping-pong balls, the figures of 1-100. If you are only a few players, you can also reduce the numbers, then take the rounds not so long.
  • Now, each player receives an index card, which he labeled with 25 numbers in a 5x5 grid.
  • The balls or cards with numbers are placed in a large bowl and cover with a cloth.
  • Now the series moves to any teammate or an elected director a number after another and puts you in a second bowl.
  • The players mark the numbers, until a 5 numbers ticked in a row and the game with the exclamation "BINGO" is completed.
  • You can make before the game patterns other than 5-rod, which must reach the player. Then comes some variety in the game.

At a birthday party, the winners are rewarded with small prizes. Try it a try. You will see how much fun bingo makes. The rules are so simple that it can be played by everyone immediately.

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