Bioeier - Guidelines for producers

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Bioeier - Guidelines for producers

Bioeier from happy chickens. Martin_Schemm / Pixelio

Bioeier be strictly controlled by law and subject to many rules, which are explained in detail here.

Bioeier - what policies need to consider producers?

  1. The chickens have to be able to live in free range.
  2. The feed can only come from organic farming.
  3. Shortening the beaks is not permitted.
  4. Antibiotics may be administered, if they are absolutely necessary.
  5. Bioeier the chickens were treated with antibiotics, may come on the market only after certain times according to legal guidelines.
  6. The stable, put in the Biohühner Bioeier, may not be below six square meters per hen by law.
  7. The stables are allowed for chickens which lay organic eggs, not exceed the total size of 300 chickens. Thus, a chicken coop for organic eggs may not be larger than 1,800 square meters.
  8. One third of the floor area must be designed for the chickens scattered.
  9. The laying hens must have the opportunity to regularly take dust baths.
  10. Laying hens that produce organic eggs have daily at least eight hours of daylight haben.Alle chickens which lay organic eggs, a minimum rest have no artificial lighting of eight hours get (sleep)

These are the reasons for the guidelines for organic eggs

  1. A chicken that can not scratch in the field and eat worms and similar creatures, feeds not appropriate to the species.
  2. The feed for chickens that lay organic eggs, must be organically grown, because to settle charges in the feed in the eggs.
  3. Shortening the beaks is done by default in large batteries, so that hurt the chickens are not mutually in the narrow space.
  4. In regular eggs factories will be given to the chickens purely prophylactic antibiotics, leave its traces are also found in eggs.
  5. Must it out a Biohuhn be treated with antibiotics, the eggs of the chicken should only put on sale if can no longer be the remains of antibiotics detected in the eggs.
  6. Thus, the hens have peace and not suffer from stress, the animals need sufficient own space. For this reason, the legal space for a Bioeier Understanding chicken at 6 square meters per head is designed.
  7. The stables where Biohühner lay organic eggs, must not exceed a certain size, because the volume constitutes hens under stress.
  8. require chickens to feel at home, a certain underground. On spreading the claws are not ignite and grow uncontrollably in the length.
  9. Chickens take instinctively regular dust baths to protect against parasites. If hens can not, the animals are nervous and correspondingly rapidly ill.
  10. According to the nature a Biohuhn must get at least eight hours of pure daylight. Only in the sunlight, the vitamin D can components spreading in the body of the chicken properly.
  11. To keep the hens as natural as possible, the chickens need adequate sleep. Just as the biorhythms of animals running in the normal course and the chickens stay healthy.

The guidelines for organic eggs sin very strict. For this reason, cost Bioeier also something more.

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