Biometric passport photo - it you should look at the photo

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Biometric passport photo - it you should look at the photo

let Biometric passport photos make the photographer

For some time biometric passport photos are required for documents such as driver's license or the pass. That is, these passport photos must meet certain requirements concerning the format and the facial expression.

Biometric passport photo - that is what matters

  • A biometric passport photo, you can now let go of almost every photo booths. Sometimes these machines are even in the respective registration offices. At railway stations and downtown but also find some photo booth where you can be photographed.
  • Photographers are naturally long set already to the requirements of a biometric passport photo. Typically, a biometric passport photo with the photographer is slightly more expensive than the vending machine, but you can also be sure that the photo when applying for the new ID card or passport actually goes through and meets all the criteria. It would be annoying if the biometric passport photo is not accepted and you would be photographed again.
  • The biometric passport photos should 35 be its format to 45 mm. It is, however, important that the face, ie, from the upper to lower end is 32 to 36 mm.
  • The background of the photo should be light gray in subtle and not have a shadow. Also patterned backgrounds are not admitted.
  • Her face should not be covered, headgear are only okay if it requires membership in a religious community. This shall be proven in the passport office or the registration office but then. The face must then be completely visible despite headgear.
  • If you wear glasses, this is no problem, the glasses may be just not tinted or dark and not also reflect. Your eyes should be visible on the biometric passport photo.
  • In the hairstyle you should make sure that the hair covering the face is not too strong. In women with bangs or long hair, it is important that the hair does not hang over the eyes. In such a case, you can clamp the hair with small clips discreetly from her face. but be careful when headbands or hair ribbons, they are also not allowed.
  • Reflections or shadows are very undesirable on biometric passport photos. Also, make sure that the brightness is well balanced and the whole picture very sharp and can be clearly seen.
  • The color of the photos you have to make sure that it is smooth and natural. The photo should therefore be of good print quality and have no stripes, contamination or cracks. Whether you opt for a black and white or color recording is up to you.

As regards the expression, it's best to neutral look at the camera. Smiling should be avoided. It is best to think of something completely different while you are photographed, then the facial expression seems relatively natural despite the biometric requirements.

To keep on passport photographs a kind face expression

  • For biometric passport photos, you must look with a neutral facial expression frontal into the camera. As you can see in the attempt, neutral, but often more cramped than relaxing, few are later satisfied with the biometric passport photos. In order to save such a disappointment, you certainly help some of the following tips.
  • You must keep your mouth when taking biometric passport photos explicitly closed. This does not mean, that would not be allowed a slight smile.
  • Sit in a relaxed when shooting on the chair, making sure to keep the air not with excitement. Breathe calmly and relax your facial muscles; especially in the forehead and eyebrows.
  • Make your eyes while recording the biometric passport photos not hard, but keep your eyes open and soft. Look towards the camera into the distance, instead of staring directly into the lens.
  • Solve your lower jaw and dare a slight smile, without opening his mouth. Your lips should be soft successive while not touching the teeth in the mouth.
  • In this way, you meet the requirements for biometric passport photos meet and preserve a friendly face still with security.

Almost every photo studio has since specialized in the production of biometric passport pictures and observe these guidelines. Just ask the photo studio around the corner and you will surely adequately informed.

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