"Birthday in Spanish" - so you celebrate it on Spanish way

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"Birthday in Spanish" - so you celebrate it on Spanish way

Celebrate birthdays like the Spaniards.

Spanish lifestyle and more

Spaniards love the company, good food and good wine. Therefore, make sure you spoil your guests to your birthday party with some culinary delights.

  • Gladly seen are always tapas of any kind, such. As chorizo ​​with roasted potatoes or meatballs in a tomato-chili sauce.
  • A classic dish is the paella. These are available even with seafood as Paella Marisco and once with chicken as Paella Valenciana. It is not difficult to prepare a paella itself. The necessary cooking equipment, such as the giant pan and the gas grill, you can buy in a Spanish Specialists. Take for preparation of the paella at least one hour and celebrate the cooking process together with your guests.
  • Also make sure that you have a good glass of wine in your wine cellar, you can offer your guests. Spaniards drink wine and he should be honored, even a lot of it.

Birthday Party and nightlife

  • Spaniards love it, like all southerners, with her family and friends to celebrate their festivals in great company. This also applies to birthdays. In Spanish weddings it can happen once that 500 or even more guests have been invited. Also take Spaniards to such festivals like with her whole family. To sit on the one hand with grandma and grandpa at the table and the children of families playing in the garden or otherwise deal with each other.
  • In any case, you should know that Spaniards noon like a siesta. They also tend to eat rather late one evening and pull even late at night going to celebrate. For this, however, the celebrations also take usually until dawn.
  • Your birthday party, you can spice up yellow and red by a typical decoration in the colors. In addition, to create a pleasant atmosphere, put on some Spanish music and let it quietly run in the background.

You see, it is not so hard to celebrate a Spanish birthday. Provide easy that your guests feel at ease. So you can score with them and ensure that they like to come back.

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