BKH Kitten - so you breed cats

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BKH Kitten - so you breed cats

A cattery costs time and money. Gabriela_P. / Pixelio

What you should know as a breeder of Kitten

  • Before deciding to breed BKH Kitten, you should basic information about cats catch their diseases and also about the race itself. Particularly important are the medical basics, so you can help the cats in an emergency. You should also detect diseases and genetic disorders especially early or avoid at best.
  • Important basic knowledge for breeders is about genetics. You should know exactly as a breeder, which inheritances are there and what illnesses and behavioral disorders can occur due to incorrect breeding.
  • Expertise to the breed standard of British Shorthair cats is particularly important when breeding. Breed cats that do not meet the standards, then you will be able to sell only with difficulty.
  • Last but not least you should bring as cat breeders lot of time and patience for the animals, because the animals need, especially in the beginning a lot of attention.

These costs come at a BKH-breeding at you

  • In addition to the knowledge it takes for every cultivation also on the parents. In these animals, you should close attention to the pedigree. With good breeding cats but you must expect high costs, so right at the start of the breeding incur significant costs. A stud you do not necessarily buy. The right British Shorthair cat for your breed you can find, for example, at exhibitions. The cover charge is often at a few hundred euros and the travel expenses you should plan for the appropriate stud not always lived in close proximity.
  • Good breeding stock can be purchased from a breeder who is affiliated to a club. This way you make sure to get a healthy animal from a good attitude, and also for your breed itself is an advantage that you belong to a recognized association. This is a good basis for breeding.
  • Additional costs are incurred for medical checkups, vaccinations and deworming. The medical care is particularly important for breeding animals, so that any diseases are not passed on to offspring. The BKH Kitten often need to the vet in the early days. Even pregnancy tests cost extra money. If it comes to complications, then possibly radiographs and other tests must be carried out and paid for.
  • The food for the animals should be of high quality so that the ongoing maintenance costs of the cats are not insignificant. Are there problems in the rearing, then it may be necessary to buy special milk replacer. Of course, there are the regular costs of a cat holder, such as for cat litter, cleaning products and equipment.
  • Further financial cost falls to, for example through the preparation of a health certificate, a pedigree and also for the EU pet passport.

The costs are incurred when a breed before you take the first money by selling the cats. Therefore, in addition to the knowledge and care is also a good starting capital is important.

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