Black Energylabel - knowing about preservation and importance

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Black Energylabel - knowing about preservation and importance

The black Energylabel the Feinstaubplakette.

The black Energylabel for vintage and Co.

  • Vehicles with emission class Euro 1 or lower, must be equipped with the first badge.
  • These include, inter alia, passenger cars with diesel engines. In most cases, there are American vintage receiving the first plaque.
  • If you own the black plaque, it is you are not allowed to drive on the environmental zones marked.
  • There are some exceptions, which are approved for the drive in the environmental zone: vehicles with gas, electric, hydrogen, or fuel cell drive is usually issued a green sticker with the point 4.
  • Moreover Krankentransporte, machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery and mobile equipment should be the environmental zones traveled, although not a valid environmental badge is available.
  • The Black Environment badge is issued for your vehicle, because the particulate emissions of your vehicle is very high.

Obtaining the first Energylabel

  • The black Energylabel is not available at TÜV or on the Internet.
  • You do not have to forcibly provide the sticker your vehicle. This also means that you must not pass the environmental zones specified. Thus: If your vehicle has no badge, is you the traffic in the designated zone are not permitted.
  • Should you still want to buy a black plaque for fun, can be found at numerous Joke plaques, which are equipped with skulls and other symbols.
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