Black Zugsalbe - stains from clothes you are going back

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Black Zugsalbe - stains from clothes you are going back

Pure linen not helps Zugsalbe.

Black Zugsalbe on garments

As useful as the black Zugsalbe is so complicated it is to remove them again from garments. The ointment usually has a tar-like consistency that is absorbed deep into the material and is difficult to remove. Therefore, is that you should avoid contact of Zugsalbe and your clothes as possible. If you nevertheless a mishap has happened, you can try the following ways to remove the stains.

  • Check out the garment, which has come with the ointment in contact closely. Is the garment colored or white?
  • If you have polluted a white garment, you can apply bleach. Underline the gel or liquid, rinse the stained area. It is useful when you leave on the bleach longer before washing the garment.
  • They also have the ability to cook the clothing. Note, however, whether the substance is on a hot wash. On the other hand you do not have many ways to completely remove the black Zugsalbe out of clothes. If the substance is already heavily polluted and therefore not to wear, you can take the risk of a Cottons quiet.
  • Also Gallseife has proven itself in removing the stains. However do not gall, which is available in the dispenser. The ancient bar of soap is still the best alternative to chemical cleaners.
  • In white or very light-colored clothing you can test whether the stain can fade with baking soda.
  • One way to remove black Zugsalbe from the clothes, also consists of Vaseline. Rub the Vaseline on the stain and wash then the garment. Add the wash stain remover. Under certain circumstances, the stain is no longer visible after washing.
  • Of course you can bring the garment into the cleaning. If the home remedy does not help, a dry cleaning service, the garment can barely saved.
  • If Zugsalbe has not yet dried on the clothes, you can wash out the body directly with gall soap and hot water. To avoid that the ointment to fix the tissue.

To avoid the stubborn stains

The best solution to remove black Zugsalbe from the clothing, not to bring them into contact with clothing. therefore heed the following advice as possible to escape the stain removal.

  • Wear an undershirt. Black Zugsalbe is used mostly for abscesses and persistent inflammation of the upper body. To avoid stubborn stains on good clothes, you should wear a long undershirt. If you do not own such, you can alternatively also wear an old t-shirt have stored, which you can do without after treatment.
  • In abscesses in places that are difficult to protect with extra clothes, you should create a federation. Brush the Zugsalbe on the abscess and cover these from a pad or a pad. To attach the pad, insert using a gauze bandage or a bandage to an association. Although this is a hindrance, but protects your clothes.
  • A plaster bandage can help you from soiling your clothes. To do this, a wound dressing twice on the coated with Zugsalbe place. The wound dressing fasten with plasters or adhesive bandages.
  • If you want to do without an additional cover, it is helpful if you take only on towels place. So you can effectively prevent that the black Zugsalbe distributed on your couch or in your bed.

Think of using black Zugsalbe or other dark colored and iodine ointments Always remember that prevention is more meaningful than cure. If the ointment once drawn into the fabric of your clothes, the distance is hardly possible without residue just for colored and fine fabrics.

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