Blackbird breeding - so they can succeed

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Blackbird breeding - so they can succeed

Raising blackbird chicks is difficult. Christa El Kashef / Pixelio

Hatching eggs of blackbirds

  • Find in your garden abandoned eggs of blackbirds or other wild birds, so you should become increasingly clear that it is not advisable and basically not very correct to take an abandoned egg from nature to take home. Often include seemingly abandoned eggs in a bird species that are not continuous broods and will come back the next day to see after hatching. You should therefore observe apparently abandoned eggs just before you take care of them; take it only when emerge after prolonged observation no parent birds. When transporting the eggs you should incidentally note they never pick up directly by hand, because always be located on eggs respiratory openings are clogged by skin particles in the worst case.
  • If the egg once arrived at your house, so you need to make sure that its temperature is always between 35 to 38 degrees, to you should turn it over regularly. Also Humidity plays for hatching of blackbird eggs or other eggs a role, so it should be around 55%. Because each individual ignorance can result in brooding mean that the bird is deformed at the end or even dies, you should best look for a brooder for a professional care of the eggs.
  • One of the most effective and brightest behaviors should be there also, not to keep eggs found, but lay on occasion to another sitting bird to the nest. Therefore, this approach seems to be correct, because during incubation communication between mother and ungeschlüpftem Vogel takes place that still should characterize the egg the bird and can not be guaranteed if you continue to take care of themselves to the egg. So brooding leads by humans often results in young birds are wrongly marked and not themselves find their way. The true animal lover should therefore seek to find the most natural path of Brütung and leave the egg, if the opportunity arises somehow.

Care and breeding of wild birds

Depending on the species different food and accommodation for the proper rearing of birds play a role. It is advisable to check with the experts after a bird chicks Fund again, if it is the little ones actually - as expected - a blackbird is because a misidentification can have fatal consequences here. Especially the distinction of nestling and Ästling plays a role in the proper rearing because nestlings must be supervised by you at all times, said Ästlinge can take care of themselves after some time.

  • Have you actually heard a blackbird at the end of the house, so you need to know that this is a nestling and you must take care around the clock to it. So should the chicks have continuously in the eye and listen to his cries, also you have to pick the right food for distributed over the day feeding home. For a blackbird chicks to offer it primarily to mealworms and frozen maggots.
  • But before you expect the bird worms, you should feed up by about 10 percent dextrose solution it first. In addition, for the first feeding raw egg can be administered. Given should the bird out cool fennel and tap water to a supply of liquid.
  • Besides worms Blackbird baby can also be fed with soaked Beoperlen. It is best to cut some fruit and small zusammenmanschen a well-balanced, mushy mixture of fruit, worm and beads at the end.
  • Generally it should be noted that the feeding of the blackbird baby should be done every 30 minutes. A pipette or syringe may help as well as a cotton swab while feeding here as well. Distribute the food at feeding dropwise to the beak edge of the plug and pay close attention to the fact that it also absorbs. It should never be fed more than a few drops, the birds too much at once could kill at worst.
  • In addition to the right feeding a blackbird especially heat and the attitude in a nest-like containers are necessary for the successful rearing. So you can build a nest, for example, of a small basket with fabric remnants, wool socks and a 40-watt bulb.

Ultimately, you should know that you have little chance without expert help, actually get the blackbird baby big. An absolute must are mainly regular vet visits, in which the bird can be freed of parasites. Does your financial situation These kinds of check-ups impossible, so you should rather give the chick from the outset in a collecting station. The same should apply if you are employed, because you so not have enough time in order to ensure the survival of the chick.

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