Blazer with trousers - so succeed different outfits

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Blazer with trousers - so succeed different outfits

Blazer and trousers can be combined.

Blazer for an official appearance

  • For an official appearance, which is very important for you, you should combine blazer and trousers elegant.
  • Such performances can be a job interview, your daily work, an important meeting or business lunches. But even to a wedding, a funeral or a confirmation, you can wear an elegant suit.
  • For all these events, you should choose an outfit that is not as strong stands.
  • Choose the best pants, the perfect match for the Blazers, so a suit, z. B. unpatterned or pinstriped. This looks particularly elegant.
  • Choose a neutral shade such. As dark blue, gray or black. To be serious, and classy.
  • Add to this a simple blouse or a fine silk shirt.

combine jacket free time with his pants

  • Also in the day, you can combine blazer with pants.
  • Thus there is no such official looks, you should but other materials, styles and colors to choose.
  • A sporty and elegant outfit you manage z. B. when you combine a pair of jeans with a cotton blazer. Select a blue jeans z. B. a white or pink blazer. For this, you can combine simple shirts or T-shirts.
  • Also chinos or linen pants can be as sporty combine blazer.
  • Want something elegant out because you want to go out for. B. evening, swap the jeans with a shiny silk pants, the color fits your blazer, so z. B. a lilac trousers for pink blazer.
  • Always make sure that the colors match up, even if you like it a bit more colorful. A bright red pants with a grass-green blazer looks example, too colorful.
  • You should also make sure that the materials of the two garments match. Cotton and linen can be combined well. Silk, however, should be better combined with silk or very thin, fine fabrics.
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