Blockade in the knee - what to do?

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Blockade in the knee - what to do?

A blockage in the knee is painful.

Blockade in the joint - further clarification needed

If you experience acute pain during movement of the knee joint and it is no longer completely straighten or - more rarely - can bend, is almost certainly a joint blockage.

  • The main cause of a blockage in the knee are meniscus damage. So You may have a meniscus tear, in which parts of the injured meniscus strike between the joint surfaces and acutely block the joint mechanics.
  • Another cause of your joint blockage may also be the replacement of a small cartilage Knochenstückchens in the joint, either through excessive use of the joint through sporting activities or as a result of osteoarthritis. This narrow strip may also fall abruptly between the joint surfaces and get stuck here. Medically referred to the avulsion of a small piece of cartilage-bone as a "loose bodies" or "osteochondritis dissecans".
  • From birth, our knee joints have small folds of mucous membrane, usually do not cause problems. Maybe this has a wrinkle you have an anatomical variant and can also lead to obstruction or blockage in the knee.
  • The cruciate ligaments have a mucous coating, which is referred to as Synovialschlauch. Under intense stress can cause tearing of the tube, which is then frayed and also can cause the blockage of your knee joint.
  • There may be in your immediate problems but also any mechanical blockage before, but the restriction of movement of the joint is purely due to pain. Do you feel the pain directly "behind" the kneecap, a cartilage problem at the back of the kneecap may be the cause and lead to a so-called. Pseudo blockade.
  • There is not much that you can do yourself at an acute blockage in the knee. Possibly can help in acute mechanical entrapment following maneuvers: Try a little shake standing your leg, sometimes you can get so blocked the joint again.
  • In intense pain, you may need to visit the hospital emergency room. It should then be tried by a special "Einrenkmanöver" to clear the blockage. Given a local anesthetic to be injected into the joint normally.
  • Although the Einrenkmanöver does not work, a knee mirroring must be done, which is also recommended if carefully solution of the blockade, because it can be repeated without removing the cause otherwise any time.
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