Blood sugar: long-term value - Informative

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Blood sugar: long-term value - Informative

The measurement of the actual blood glucose levels is very important in diabetes mellitus.

The importance of blood glucose

  • The blood sugar level indicates - as the name suggests - how much glucose is in the blood. Judging from the venous blood, as occurs in a blood sample, the acute value should not exceed 100-110 mg / dl in healthy and sober people previously. If you measure it with a Stix from z. B. the fingertip, it should be slightly higher.
  • The glucose content of the body is regulated by various hormones. Insulin ensures that the blood sugar level drops and the glucose is absorbed and used in the cell, eg. As after a meal. Glucagon, however, focuses glucose released into the bloodstream by nutrients are degraded from storage in the cells. Both hormones are produced in the pancreas.
  • When it comes to low concentrations in the blood, can be up to coma and cravings subsequent cold sweats, confusion. Excessively high levels resulting long-term damage to vessels of the retina, kidneys and nerves. The latter occurs in the disease Diabetes mellitus. Type 1 is usually triggered by an autoimmune process against the hormone-producing cells in childhood, type. 2 by a faulty insulin production and effect in mostly older, well-fed people

Acute values ​​and long-term value

  • The current blood glucose is determined several times a day with diabetes mellitus, otherwise only under checkups from the age of 35. For this blood is taken from the finger or vein.
  • The current blood glucose says but of course only requires the current position. In diabetic patients, it is very important to know the long-term values ​​in order to know whether the drug therapy abuts suffizient or the drugs were taken correctly.
  • The long-term value for the blood sugar level is the HbA1c. If a longer time have prevailed in the blood high glucose concentrations, there is a non-enzymatic hitch of glucose to proteins in the hemoglobin of red blood cells - the HbA1c!
  • The value provides information about the last 3 months. It should be <6.5% total Hb ideally. In diabetic patients, values ​​are below 7.5% still good.
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