Body Spray do it yourself - so it goes

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Body Spray do it yourself - so it goes

Body sprays provide a welcome refreshment.

Refreshment and fragrance through body spray - it acts

Especially in hot summers so-called body sprays are often a pure delight when Deo and drinks can do nothing more against the heat alone.

  • A body spray smells not only, but also provides plenty of moisture for the skin, which is thus nourished and in use.
  • Because of the extensive and slow evaporation of refreshing ingredients such as essential oils, the perspiration itself is reduced and you feel wonderfully refreshed.
  • Above all, a body spray promotes through the mediation of freshness feeling even better concentration in everyday life, at work, even falling asleep is facilitated under the weight of the heat in the use of a body spray for prolonged periods of heat and one is rested by a deeper sleep and not the next day "whacked" and exhausted.

Make sure you use your individual body sprays that you process any ingredients, which you might be allergic.

create a private body spray for refreshment

For the production of body sprays, you should mainly use high-quality ingredients, so that the risk of skin irritation or allergies is minimized. Spray the body spray only on the body and save the part of the face, including the eyes.

  1. For a refreshing body spray complete the cosmetic base water in the bottle.
  2. Drizzle now for a fresh base virgin eucalyptus or mint oil into the atomizer. In this way, the body spray gets a very cool base.
  3. You can complete now fragrance oils with 10 to 15 drops, support factor of refreshment. Here, lemon oil, tangerine, orange, lemon grass, which can be incorporated dropwise with a pipette suitable.
  4. To extend the shelf life, add now even the alcohol added, this preserves the spray.
  5. Thus the essential oils to mix with the water and you must shake well before use of body sprays the nebulizer not always, you should also use the solubilizer. This ensures that water and oil can be mixed and this results in a transparent body spray.
  6. Shake it, to loosen the ingredients and mingle, the bottle after closing.
  7. You can use the spray directly on the skin, of course, the body spray is even more refreshing and cooling when you put this in the refrigerator. Use the spray not on the clothes, because otherwise these may cause stains.

You can also create romantic sprays in addition to a refreshing body spray, while you can use rose oil and otherwise ingredients of your choice.

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