Bonsai: Japanese elm - that you should observe when maintaining

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Bonsai: Japanese elm - that you should observe when maintaining

The Japanese elm had no high demands on care.

Find out more about this Bonsai

The Japanese elm is often confused with the Japanese Zelkova, although they differ in texture of the bark and size of leaves. For bonsai beginners this elm is ideal. The older she gets, the borkiger is its bark, which has relatively deep cracks over time. Minor errors in cultivation can be relatively quickly corrected again.

  • This plant can make all year, for example by wires. But the wires is not necessarily required. Both the aboveground and the underground parts of plants are very happy grew so after repotting, the substrate is relatively fast by its roots. If the Japanese elm cut during the growth phase, it is very quickly becoming a new growth.
  • The small leaves are oblong, initially light green and in a sunny spot they will later dark green. The bark is initially smooth and is, as already mentioned by some years, borkiger. Due to the growth habit and its small leaves this bonsai is about design as Shohin-Bonsai and as Mame. In both of these design types both branches and leaves are reduced to a minimum.

Care claims Japanese elm

  • During growth a sunny outdoor location is optimal. Under high heat, a place in semi-shade is advisable. The site should also be airy to prevent an infestation of spider mites. Smaller bonsai you should times daily watering in hot weather 2-3. Waterlogging should like drought werden.Vor avoided each casting the substrate should be dried on the surface.
  • Compost should the Japanese elm after the first bud break in the spring, and indeed every other week with a liquid fertilizer or a special bonsai fertilizer.
  • You can repot younger plants about every two years with a simultaneous root pruning. In older specimens repotting every 3-4 years is sufficient.
  • The section also designed with relatively few problems. the Japanese elm Located in the design, you can grow about 10 cm the new growth and this then cut back to 2-3 leaves. In older specimens, whose design has been completed, the shoot tips of the plant are just blended.
  • This plant can be attacked next to spider mites also by aphids and scale insects. Therefore, you should make in the summer in an airy place and often sprayed with water.
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