Boxwood fertilize - note value

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Boxwood fertilize - note value

Something takes time.

A dense, dark green foliage throughout the year through the mark of a healthy boxwood. If you fertilize it regularly, you will not even get deficiency symptoms in the form of yellowing leaves to face. But tThe absence yet, then it is high time, because the soil is exhausted and does not offer more nutrients.

done When and how fertilizing a Buchsbaums

  • The first time in the young boxwood life you should fertilize him at planting and from there - assuming you have planted it in the spring, every week. Special Boxwood fertilizer is nitrogen-stressed and should also iron, magnesium and phosphate. These ingredients help him in a uniform and dense growth - which is of course highly desirable particularly for small hedges etc..
  • Besides silicon are often listed for a particular strengthening of the strength of the instincts and various trace elements and vitamins. Thus all the essential nutrients for the Buxus are united. Should he still get yellow or brown leaves, which may suggest a disease. Cut in this case, all infested shoots from and also collect already fallen leaves on. Then loosen the soil well and fertilize once again.
  • If you fertilize weekly, you will probably do it in liquid form, because boxwood fertilizer is usually so offered. According to dosage instructions it is diluted with water so that you thus fertilize your boxwood during casting at the same time.
  • Meanwhile, there are also slow-release fertilizer for the boxwood. This is sold in the form of beads, is thus a controlled release fertilizer which its ingredients little by little to write, so you must hereby fertilize your boxwood only twice a year. He is scattered around the boxwood around and well incorporated into the soil. Who by the way to know exactly what is included in such a slow-release fertilizers, can read.
  • Total applies to fertilizing your Buchsbaums that you should stop slowly from the beginning of autumn it. Otherwise, still form too long new growth, but they are not robust enough to survive the coming winter.
  • Be careful, as with all fertilizers in handling, work with gloves, watch out for your children and pets and wash skin that had contact with the fertilizer, immediately and thoroughly.
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