Boys: Style - so you copy the look of Bill Kaulitz

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Boys: Style - so you copy the look of Bill Kaulitz

Bill Kaulitz 'style is really rocking.

Boys hairstyle of Bill Kaulitz

  1. To nachzustylen the boys hairstyle the Rockstars you need first of all the right haircut.
  2. Bill has shut shaved the hair on the sides and at the back to about 10 cm and wears the hair at the crown in contrast, is about 10 cm long.
  3. Depending on which style you prefer, you can bleach their hair for it or dyed black, but the hair remains the same.
  4. Blow dry your long hair at the crown after washing with a medium-sized round brush back so a Great arises.
  5. If you prefer a really big Tolle, you should toupieren the hair at the base with a Teaser brush and fix the game simultaneously with hairspray. Then comb the Great with a soft brush gently back and wet the hair again with hairspray.
  6. If you prefer a little flatter the Great, it is enough to blow-drying the hair to fix with hairspray. Avoid gel or wax-containing products because these weigh down the hair and the hair easier together.

Copy Style rock star

  • Bill Kaulitz now contributes a 3-5 day beard, the must quietly look slightly translucent.
  • What you absolutely need to imitate the style of Bill is a black leather jacket in biker style, you combine to create a slim-fitting faded and frayed jeans and complete with a studded belt.
  • Furthermore, you need carrier-shirts, which are widely cut on the arms and at the neckline and have a rocking motive.
  • To the boys to complete your style, you need a lot of long golden or wooden chains with cross or keychain and a large aviator sunglasses. For the piercings and tattoos, you can easily help with Fakeprodukten.
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