braids hanging basket - so succeeds's

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braids hanging basket - so succeeds's

Sisal is ideal for a hanging basket.

We make a hanging basket in macrame technique itself

You want to weave a hanging basket by you for your balcony or terrace. You will need a major role resistant tape, such as sisal. Now braid or knot the hanging basket in macrame technique:

  1. First, divide the band into 16 bands, which should meet at least three times the length of the finished hanging basket. This then tie in a tight bun.
  2. Now divide the 16 bands in four parts and make each about 20 to 30 cm single knots on two central ribs that will keep you taut. This repeat 3 times with the other bands and so have the long straps attached for hanging.
  3. Now let everywhere a distance of about 7 cm and distribute the tapes again. They are distributed so that always come from a two side by side lying node. You knot as a network, in which the flower pot is set later. The two outer bands making four knots over the middle guide bands and repeat the now 3 times with the other bands.
  4. Now let back 7 cm distance. Then distribute the 16 tapes again. The two bands of adjacent nodes are now together again. Again, make 4 knots on the central ribs and also repeat the 3 times with the other bands.
  5. This you repeat 2 or 3 times. Try between, whether the flower pot fits into the hanging basket.
  6. Fits into the pot, leave again 7 cm free and then make a big knot in all bands and cut the rest of the bands at 30 cm from.

Now you can put the pot plant in the hanging basket and attach with a hook on your balcony.

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