Breathing during strength training

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Breathing during strength training

Breathe in training consciously and correctly.

When you exercise, change in your breathing, so your body can supply the muscles during the extra muscle work optimally with oxygen. However, many amateur and recreational athletes make mistakes that lead to incorrect breathing. Not always is the first intuition correct. The proper technique for inhalation and exhalation can train yourself.

Breathing during exercise

During exertion during exercise, the muscles must be supplied during the contraction additionally with oxygen to achieve an optimum result. Because of the additional oxygen supply is the muscle is able to provide more energy.

  • As your breathing rate increases in the effort of training, it may be that you without realizing it the wrong technique to apply during strength training. Very easily you fall then in a pressing breathing.
  • From Press breathing is spoken, if you hold your breath during physical exertion. This causes the pressure in the trunk and upper body area is increased and it will appear as if your upper body would be more stable.
  • The Valsalva maneuver is the correct term for the pressure respiration. this will be seen to it that your head starts quickly rot. However, it is a fallacy that you can unfold your maximum strength under such breathing and lift better. A box of water you possibly can so raise better and faster, but the forced breathing is no basis for an effective workout.

If you suffer from high blood pressure or vascular disease, a breathing with too much pressure in fitness exercises and strength training is harmful. If you feel dizzy during exercise, this may be an indication of an incorrect breathing and even an indication of not yet recognized his health problems.

Correct inhaling and exhaling during strength training

A distinction is made during strength training between concentric and eccentric phase. When the load (weight lifting) should you inhale and when lowering the weight is exhaled.

  • In simple terms, you breathe during the concentric phase of the effort, and during the eccentric phase again. This allows the correct breathing, synchronously best learn to exercise execution.
  • It can be explained very simply to squat with the barbell. If you go to their knees, you are now during exhalation in an eccentric and at the upward movement in the concentric phase of the training and inspiration.
  • Hold while exercising not breath, even if you strive automatically have it. By holding the breath you stop the supply of oxygen to the muscle and you can not release your maximum strength.
  • If you can not adapt to the exercise, because the movements are very long or have to be slow breathing, it is necessary that you apply a different technique. Then, try to consciously exhale.
  • When conscious exhaling your exhalation is intensified. That is, you breathe deeper look as normal. This your lungs can then fill with much oxygen-rich air, which is immediately available to the body and thus the muscles.
  • Refrain from shallow breathing, in which you get only little and often air. Superficially breathing only an insufficient oxygen exchange takes place.
  • The conscious and deep breathing has after training an additional advantage: you can quickly relax and get into the recovery phase.

Proper breathing technique can be used for all sports as well as train the sport itself. It is important that you are not hurt by incorrect breathing itself. Ask your manager whether your breathing corresponds to training at irregular intervals. Let yourself to corrections in order to make your workouts more efficient.

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