Breed Boo - so keep the four-legged right

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Breed Boo - so keep the four-legged right

The Boo is a Pomeranian.

Boo is one of the peaks and is strictly speaking a shorn Pomeranian.

Little Boo is a Pomeranian

  • Boo has become known as the sweetest dog in the world. He belongs to no particular race, but is actually a normal Pomeranian whose fur had matted itself. That's why the owner had shorn him, whereby he received his special appearance.
  • The dog breed to the Boo heard is the Pomeranian, a Pomeranian. Therefore, you should not search for a specific Boo, but check with various breeders for dwarf tip, if you have opted for a small breed.

To keep the breed true

  • Although the Pomeranian is a small, but also a very lively dog. He likes a lot of movement and his daily walks. That's why you should spend sufficient time for Boo and led him all day outside.
  • The dog likes to play with other dogs and can make together with you dog sports. However, you should make sure that the dog is not overworked. With an average size of 28 cm and a weight of more than four kilograms, you can keep this breed also ideal in the apartment.
  • Since the Boo is based on its people, you should not too often let alone the animal. The dog is very loyal and is always happy to follow you. His commands, the dog may learn just as puppies and can truly be educated and trained by you.

Proper nutrition for the Pomeranian

  • You get ready dog ​​food to buy, that is precisely tailored to the needs of this dog breed. You can then provide your Boo finished with wet food, but also with dry food. If you are able, you should the animal once a week to feed with fresh meat and vegetables, because as the dog gets really fresh ingredients that are free of additives.
  • If you weighed the dog and feed humanely, then the animal 14 to 16 years old can be. That's why you should feed the dog already at the puppy age with an appropriate dog food for small dogs and never use an inferior feed.

So the dog to stay healthy long

  • So that your Boo has a possible long and healthy life, the animal needs in addition to animal welfare and a balanced diet, and a good veterinary care. Let the dog regularly by a veterinarian vaccinate and give you the animal at least every four months a worm treatment.
  • Since the Pomeranian tends in some cases, hair loss and skin discoloration, you should make sure that the animal can absorb sufficient fatty acids on its lining. Additionally, you can prevent this disease by weekly mix the Boo twice fish oil capsules into the food and give every two weeks something brewing yeast.

This breed of dog is very related to humans and is also ideal as a family friendly dog ​​if children live in your household.

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