Bridal hairstyle open - you marry stilecht

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Bridal hairstyle open - you marry stilecht

Open coats can a bride natural and often youthful act.

Who wears her hair loose, acts playful and romantic

Who would make the bride hairstyle without professional stylists, still stylt ideally not just start.

  • The hairstyle must match your type and should be matched to the dress. Also beads or rhinestones in her hair to match the rest of the jewelry and veils.
  • Classic Bride hairstyles updos. The look is romantic and younger when you wear your hair up or ajar. Individual braiding provide open hairstyles a bohemian touch.
  • Unlike updos, loose hair must not be very neatly arranged or sorted. That makes this hair for self-styling much more suitable than updo variants in which each strand has to sit.
  • The maximum freshness and vitality gets open Bridal Hair by waves. Curls can also style your hair well, but they are in effect not as light as a feather and as fresh as the wavy style.
  • If you want to insert flowers with the loose hair, then most noble fabric flowers that are obviously not real. Plastic flowers hold while longer, but always look artificial and are contrary to the natural hair. take real flowers for inserting only from the vase when the hair is. This prolongs the shelf life. As a precaution you can take spare flowers to swap them.
  • When fixing the hairstyle not exaggerate. Less is more. Therefore, use as few styling products, as possible. Your hair might otherwise appear wet or even glue.

An open brewing hairstyle for the day of days

If loose hair matches your type and your dress, following hairstyle might like. This hair style looks romantic and relaxed, but at the same time ordered from. Her long hair should be freshly washed possible for the styling, but towel dry and well brushed.

  1. Enter heated rollers in your hair. For waves do not choose large winder and roll thick strands on too tightly. For curls, use smaller winder. With different sized curlers that are randomly distributed over the head, the hair is very natural. For a smooth or later teased neck wrap only up to your ears and stuck with braces.
  2. When the curlers have cooled, remove it and shake your hair forward over good.
  3. Grasp your hair on one side of the head towards the top together and toupieren you with a style comb as needed up to five centimeters high the approach.
  4. Run the combined hair cross to the other side of the back of the head.
  5. For the bohemian touch plat the game from the point where it reaches the back of the head, a few centimeters wide. The ends should be at least ten centimeters hang freely, otherwise the hair is no longer "open".
  6. Pin the section of hair on the other side of the back of the head with several hairpins (eg beads parentheses).
  7. Repeat steps three to six with the other side.
  8. Fix the resulting hair with hairspray.
  9. The crossover can now attach the veil. Use this hair clips that match the previously use parentheses.
  10. Flowers Items You can now plug in the mounting brackets on the back of the head. Not too many, otherwise the hair looks messy.

Your bridal hairstyle sits. Look at the jewelry choice for consistency for hair accessories. Subtle chains and small, noble earrings are a perfect match. So your hair has room to beam to.

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