Brief Summary - The Magic Flute

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Brief Summary - The Magic Flute

In Mozart's opera is about an enchanted flute.

The Magic Flute - over age boundaries extremely popular

The Magic Flute is one of the most famous operas from the pen of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The music he composed for this is very intuitive and therefore remains in the human ear, which can do much otherwise with opera not. Not only adults can on this piece will find an access to the world of opera, but also children and young people to classical music often brought closer to it. Tamino learns also that he and Pamina are meant for each other. But what is now actually? A brief summary of the main points discussed.


Protagonist of The Magic Flute is the fearless young Prince Tamino. He is appointed by the Queen of the Night in order to free her daughter Pamina from the Castle of Sarastro. Sarastro is an enemy of the Queen of the Night.

  • Together with the bird catcher Papageno makes Tamino on his way. They both get a "weapon", which is to facilitate the job. Tamino receives a flute with magical powers, Papageno an enchanted Glockenspiel.
  • Arriving at Sarastro, but both need to realize that the things are not as they seem. Not the prince, but the Queen of the Night has before with Pamina evil. Tamino learns also that he and Pamina are meant for each other.
  • Now, a battle in which the two of them have proved as heroes and then against the evil Queen begins. At the end are not only Tamino and Pamina but Papageno and the woman who is destined for him united. Her name is Papagena.

You see that you can capture roughly based on a brief summary of what is at stake. So go prepared to the opera and can concentrate on the music.

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