Brombeerkrankheiten - so keep your plants healthy

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Brombeerkrankheiten - so keep your plants healthy

To counteract Brombeerkrankheiten.

counteract Brombeerkrankheiten purposeful

One of Brombeerkrankheiten is the gray mold fruit rot, which is manifested by a gray, dusting fungal coating.

  • Lichten You dense brambles regularly, so that the fruit does not rot as quickly in wet weather. In this way you can do something preventive against gray mold fruit rot.
  • therefore cut old shoots in winter directly at the base from.
  • Strong Runners shorten to a two to three buds.
  • Also, by proper fertilization can prevent Brombeerkrankheiten. Fertilize your blackberry once a year with mature garden compost, rock meal or a special Beer fertilizer. The fertilizer dose should ideally be in the spring - to April from March - done.

Maintain berry bushes properly

Even the Brombeerrost among the Brombeerkrankheiten. Brombeerrost They recognize the violet-colored spots on the blackberry. They occur mostly in late June on on the upper leaf surface.

  • If you see on the underside of leaves orangerote- to brown-black-colored spots, which is another indication of Beer rust.
  • By summer section in which you thin out the vines, you can also counteract this disease. Shorten the shoots to up to about 20 centimeters.
  • Also, remove the infested by Brombeerrost autumn leaves.

A very robust Brombeersorte, which is ideally suited for planting in the garden, is the Navaho. It grows medium strong with upright shoots, forming large, aromatic fruits. Plant. Your blackberries on a warm, sunny, sheltered place

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