brought advantages and disadvantages to the point - Vertical Carousels

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brought advantages and disadvantages to the point - Vertical Carousels

Circulation or high shelves, a solution for your warehouse? Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

Carousels and its advantages

  • Carousels have the advantage that you can make optimal use of space and the space that you have available, and also have a free storage space allocation. To guarantee carousels high safety for your employees, because unlike other shelves no dangerous climbing on the shelves is necessary here.
  • Another advantage of carousels is that no running, heavy lifting and consuming search is necessary.
  • help carousels, optimally implement the FIFO method in your company. This system is based on the theory that the goods purchased first are sold first, and is often used with fluctuating procurement prices.
  • help carousels that the goods to be removed is transported automatically to where it is really needed. The prerequisite is of course that the carousels are optimally positioned. Experts speak here of the commodity-to-man principle.

brought the disadvantages to the point - Vertical Carousels

Below the disadvantages will be identified by carousels:

  • The main disadvantage of these racks is above all the fact that the purchase is associated with very high costs. So you need to be aware if carousels are really suitable for your property. In any case, you should check with the company in which you decide to purchase the carousels, not only by price, but also about the services.
  • Surely it is also possible to lease carousels or for rent to other companies or they ask for a rental fee to other companies available and thereby at least partially to achieve the high cost again.
  • Carousels also have the disadvantage that their collaborations depend on the circulation and therefore can not always rely on the desired product. This results in an often unnecessary in everyday work waiting time and stops the flow of work.
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