Brown Trousers combine - suggestions for matching accessories

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Brown Trousers combine - suggestions for matching accessories

Which parts match the brown trousers?

Fun factor when combining

  • Choose a day when you are in a good mood: The encourages creativity!
  • Feedback is helpful - sharing potentiates the imagination!
  • You need a large mirror, so you can look good.
  • Put your accessories ready, so you can quickly see what what fits.
  • Take your time and enjoy the game with colors and shapes.

Brown garments as a base

  • Earthy tones are warm and can - depending on the brightness level - are complemented by light or dark earth tones.
  • A brown pants is wonderful as a base piece for many interesting and decorative clothing variations. Accessories - such as belts, scarves, are beautiful points of light to supplement.
  • A matching handbag and shoes round off the appearance.

combine colors together

All earth tones are well combined with each other. Under earth tones are understood browns in all variations - red multifarious tones (terracotta), broken tones (Umbra or cappuccino) yellow containing shades and all colors of sand up to offwhite.

  • Experiment! You will be amazed at the effects also arise with tone-in-tone versions. This garments are meant to have a similar tone, that are just different light. With tone-on-tone combinations but you should browse through your accessories and put different colored points of light - for example by a chain, a cloth or a scarf. Tone-on-tone combinations are harmonious and balanced. They are recommended for business and occupation.
  • Your brown pants, but you can also combine beautifully with yellow garments. A yellow jacket or a blouse or sweater in yellow tones makes your appearance the same sunny -. Make sure, however, that the compositions are not too rough. If your brown trousers made of a patterned fabric, it may be too much if the top has a pattern. Sometimes but that's also sexy! There is no magic formula - that's why it's fun to connect the Try with an immediate feedback.
  • You will see the Try that and know - probably black - not as good harmony with Brown. Also red, blue or gray are usually not optimal partner for your brown trousers. Greens, however, may be as a compilation with brown beautifully. Brown needs warm, vibrant colors to complement. But - as I said: Experiment!

Tops for your brown trousers

  • Depending on whether you are around the hips rather plump or slim you can combine the brown pants with a top, which falls over the hips or choose a short shell. This applies to all tops - so for blazers, jackets, sweaters or blouses.
  • Soft, pliable materials are the brown your pants very well. At lower temperatures, such materials convey a feeling of warmth.
  • If the shell is solid, can bring life to your outfit a fresh accessory. Depending on whether you prefer sporty or you feel elegantly dressed well - a naughty little scarf around the neck, a selected in matching color scarf or even a peppy belt can round out your look.

Shoes and handbag to brown pants

  • You now have a beautiful combination? Then take a look whether you can find in your cupboards and matching shoes and a handbag.
  • With the Braun your pants harmonize in any case again all browns. Check but if the color of the shoes and handbag get along well with the chosen shell, because that might have even a different color.
  • A beautiful effect is achieved when the color of the upper part is found again in the shoes and the bag.

Now you have checked the contents of your wardrobe. Perhaps you are surprised you found what variety of combination possibilities. Now you can estimate what you still need to complementary pieces and can specifically look after.

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