Buddleia prune correctly

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Buddleia prune correctly

Buddleia should cut back in spring.

About Your Buddleia

With his white over pink and purple to dark blue colored flowers of the Buddleia is (Buddleia) one of the most popular plants in European gardens. Specifically, the butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii) attracts with its heady scent in spring and summer on countless butterflies. This brought the best known species of this genus the name.

Almost all types of Buddleia are cut tolerated. The ideal time is the spring, especially the month of April. Winter is over and the plant will be enough time to form shoots that bloom in summer. Cut these back not too late, because the shoots become woody otherwise not until the onset of winter. This makes them vulnerable to frost.

Buddleia species in Stämmchenform you need to cut back sharply in the spring, so that the crown is in the form and in the winter does not break under the weight of snow. Unlike the other types, you do not cut the Wechselblättrigen Buddleia down to the regular health section. A radical pruning ruined the blooms and the growth habit. Should this nevertheless cut you to wait until after flowering.

To cut the lilacs

To cut to the lilac optimally, you need a sharp saw or pruning shears.

  1. Buddleia cut. Cut the Buddleia to a height of 30 to 40 centimeters. Through this radical section of the shrub forms in summer of a particularly large flowers. Buddleia prune correctly
  2. Lilac multiply if necessary. Use the cut cuttings you multiply your Buddleia easily yourself. Buddleia prune correctly
  3. Health section perform. Now comes the "health section", which is important for the healthy regrowth of new shoots. In this cut only sick, frozen and old shoots from directly on the engine base. Buddleia prune correctly
  4. Cut hunchback instincts. Likewise, you cut all shoots that grow crosswise or into the interior of the lilac. Buddleia prune correctly
  5. Shrubs fertilizing. Fertilize finally the shrubs with nitrogenous fertilizer, so that soon form new shoots. Buddleia prune correctly

That you should consider when pruning

When cutting the plant it to perform clean cuts and work symmetrically so Buddleia grows uniformly later. Thus, the butterfly bush can form beautiful flowers in summer. After pruning in spring to remove regularly in the summer faded lilac. From September you can also have some flowers, which in winter beautiful acts as a completely shrub.

If you do not want to cut every year radically your Buddleia, because you want a year-high shrub, pull it up slowly over the years. Given leave for a few moments about the mean of the last year available. The fewer eyes let stand, the denser the plant. If you refrain entirely from cutting back, getting your butterfly bush next smaller flowers over time an unpleasant "broom Growth".

So that your Buddleia again wears great flowers next summer, you have to cut it regularly and maintain. Use the cut shoots you can easily multiply your lilacs themselves.

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