build air collectors themselves - so go ahead

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build air collectors themselves - so go ahead

Solar cell drives the air collector fan. C. Nöhren / Pixelio

The principle of air collectors see realized in solar dryers (tunnel dryer). This solar oven dry with heated air fruit and vegetables. The use of air collectors always has to do with mitigating and preventing moisture. It's about the airing, drying and heating.

prevent air collectors with moisture damage

  • When building, for example, your holiday home, rarely air, not only the general air deteriorates, a possible humidity caused some damage.
  • Already with a small ventilation system to ensure an adequate air supply. Freight with a fan warm air directly into the house. In order to provide ventilation and additionally for antifreeze.
  • When the sun does not disappear for several weeks out of the picture, your sun-controlled dehumidifier will prove (antifreeze, temperature control, ventilation) in several ways.
  • The largest air collector forms a Hypo Box Heating. This heating option you can choose if you renovate a house or new build.
  • Through special air ducts in the floor and wall heated air is passed. The heat is absorbed, well stored and then radiated from the wall and floor.

Same build a tunnel kiln

  • For drying fruits and other foods (fish, spices) it takes for a heat and on the other hand a flow of air which removes the moisture. Ovens operate on the principle of air collectors.
  • You need a base plate (construction of sheet metal or wood). About one-third is covered with black paint. This part is used for air heating and is not covered with dry material.
  • Customize a gable structure made of bent iron and from a sheet of plywood. This plate absorbs the solar-powered fan.
  • The fan is then connected to a solar panel. the sun seems strong, the fan will rotate more, otherwise give less.
  • The opposite gable end is the air outlet and is only closed with a mosquito net.
  • For the cover, take normal greenhouse film. One side of the film can be attached along the base plate. A heavier iron profile, attach it to the other side. This prevents anyone from opening in windy conditions.

You can rely on the principle of solar drying oven itself to air collectors always. You need a hollow body (or provided with special channels) through which air is blown by a fan through the outlet opening. The fan must have the right amount of power. He also needs a corresponding connection to a solar panel.

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