build back wall for the aquarium itself

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build back wall for the aquarium itself

Be creative.

create a natural appearance with a rear wall

  1. The first step in the construction of a rear wall of the aquarium is to cut the Styrofoam plate. Cut the panel exactly to the dimensions of the aquarium.
  2. Then consider how the rear wall should be like later on, so that the surface should mimic the aquarium back wall (rocks, wood, etc.). Do you have a concrete idea of ​​the design can begin.
  3. Take the cutter and cut indentations from. These are not yet look natural, but that is changing by a rasp and sandpaper. not Throw away the Styrofoam radicals, with them you can repair any errors.
  4. Are all indentations cut, you have to grind with the sandpaper around. Would you like to have rough contours in the surface, use the rasp.
  5. Subsequently, the cement must be touched, note here the instructions from the manufacturer. Mix now sand and gravel in the cement, so that a natural surface.
  6. If the cement finish, wear it with the spatula on the back wall. When the cement is applied, it must cure for 2 to 3 days. Do not let the back wall in the sun dry and moisturize them once a day something else cracks could form.
  7. After everything is cured, you can start with the painting. Test a few shades until you find the right one. If the back cover painted to your satisfaction, it must be sealed with a clearcoat and then dry.
  8. If the aquarium back wall is dried, it needs to be watered. Put it this about 2 to 3 weeks under water. You can use the bathtub or a deep bowl. Watering is important so that alkaline substances and lime can dissolve.

Now the rear wall of your aquarium is ready to be placed in the basin.

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