build bench in underground stone and wood itself - how it works

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build bench in underground stone and wood itself - how it works

From U-stones and wood can build a nice bank.

Substructure of the Bank of underground stone

U-stones, also known as Karlsruher garden stones are cheap, but difficult. They are not suitable to build benches, you bring in the winter time. For this reason, the substrate must be prepared so that there may be no frost damage. With the right ground they will prolong the enjoyment of the garden bench U-stones and wood.

  1. Lift from a trench, which is 60 cm wide and 45 cm deep and as long as your garden bench to be. The length of the bench must be a multiple of 40 cm be, because to share a U-Stein is difficult.
  2. Fill in this digging an approximately 30 cm high layer of gravel that you compress well with a masher. Such a device can be rented in many hardware stores. Sense of the measure is to provide a flat, frost underground.
  3. Now fill a layer of fine shale (possibly sand or gravel) into the trench and lay the concrete slabs.
  4. Treat the edges of the U-stones with the Flex to make you look decorative and make the U-stones on the concrete slabs. The bottom of the U's facing upward, front and back is formed the concrete wall. The U profile must exactly abut and the surface must be aligned horizontally. You must use a spirit level and rubber hammer. For this part of the work you'll definitely need a second person, because the U-stones are heavy.

You now have a "concrete wall" which is 40 cm high and as it is, can be used as a bank. A panel with travertine or other frost-resistant tiles is a matter of taste. You can also paint with concrete color or try a graffiti the Bank. Really comfortable, the Bank is of U-stones until you give a support of wood or bench boards of plastic on it.

Seats made of wood or plastic

  • You can simply screw in this U-stones bench boards made of plastic. Such piles there are ready to buy. There are different colors and textures in the trade, some look like precious wood. Since this bench boards are indestructible, you can firmly connect with the U-stones and left in the winter without problems on it.
  • If you want a pad made of natural wood, you should hang up this rather loosely on the U-stones. Wooden structures must be regularly removed and better incorporated in the winter. It is expedient to take planed strips, this you lasieren before processing 2 times. Then build from bed slats, the screw on either the U-stones or hang loosely. The grates must be 40 cm wide and as long as the seat of the Bank. If you have a long bench, you should use the grids rather share in length.
  • Construction of the grate: Cut off 40 cm long support of strips which have a diameter of 2 cm to 4 cm. Then screw perpendicular bars that a cross section of 2 - have 10 cm - 3 cm. 8 The distance of the cross-member should be not greater than 50 cm. Impregnating them the wooden grills regularly with glaze, which is intended for outdoor use.

You now have a garden bench U-stones with a wooden support. As decorative elements you can integrate Putten or planters made of concrete with long benches at the last U-stones. If you liked building has given pleasure with U-stones and you want to build more, then just look here. There are many suggestions on what you can do with U-stones and wood.

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