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build bridges themselves - GartenBahn

Even those bridges you can build for the garden railway. Hans-Christian_Hein / Pixelio

Buildings for Garden Railways

  • Off Grid east you can build your garden railway supports for the bridges or the web via this grid can overcome an "abyss". Such grids there to cover gutters, but also plaster rails can be used.
  • If you do not want to "Steel Bridge", you can build parts also made of prefabricated concrete, bricks for model or rubble or gravel. In case you need a formwork made of wood.

Concrete bridges modern design

Modern concrete bridges, similar to those installed on ICE routes, you can make so:

  1. Install plywood boxes inside have the dimensions, as you can imagine the pillars. Build also appropriate boxes in which you can pour elements for the route of the bridge.
  2. Drill into the clapboard, which limits the upward Feiler, a small hole into which you can insert a bar of steel. Pour the pillars and the line parts. Also in the line parts are steel struts.
  3. Build the pillars into a concrete foundation. Mark the places where the struts on the pillars in the path must be performed. Drill holes there.
  4. Put on the paths. Sticking them with ready-mixed concrete.

Construction of viaducts

If the bridges of your garden railway should recall the classic viaducts, you should choose this method:

  1. Build from Styrofoam or wooden arches that should remain open later. Plate these sheets with a release agent, eg. As oil.
  2. Customize now a box where you can pour the viaduct on the spot. He must have the inside width of the bridge and be as high as the route to be. Now put the previously prepared blocks in this box.
  3. Pour. The box with concrete, which you add rubble, to the lower edge of the route from Now put braces on the concrete before backfilling the box to the brim. If you would prefer to back it up with stones, you waive the casing, make the blocks. Walls between now and on the blocks. Again, you should not forget the bracing.
  4. When the construction material has hardened, remove the formwork and the blocks. In a pinch, you can burn with a gas burner, if you do not get this out differently.
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