build carport of a house wall - note value

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build carport of a house wall - note value

When attached carport with gable roof, must be paid to the drainage on the house wall.

Advantages and disadvantages of attached carports

You can build a freestanding carport next to the house and connect only the roof on the house wall. Alternatively, they waive supports next to the wall and bring the building instead of on the wall. The wall thus contributes to the cultivation.

  • For an extension to the house wall speaks that the carport lessened proper motion when it is fixed to the wall. The wall connecting the carport roof is therefore simpler, he must bridge any movement. It is problematic to dig foundations next to the wall for support. This must be based on natural ground. This stable ground can be found only below the foundation of the house, because the construction of the area has been dug around the house.
  • But there are also good reasons to make a carport on supports, rather than one side to attach the house: The house has to absorb any additional forces when the carport is free next to the house. In addition, you do not damage the insulation, because the cultivation is not attached to the house.

The problems raised by a freestanding carport, are greater than those of a cultivated caused. Through special dowels arise, for example no Wärmbrücken when you drill into an insulated wall. Therefore, you should opt for an attached carport.

You must be careful in the design on the wall

Thus, the carport is safe and the house is not damaged by water, be sure to note the following:

  • The carport can be mounted in two ways on the wall. He is either on a horizontal bar on which you dowels on the wall or he has shortened pillars that you attach vertically. If the wall has a thermal insulation, hold with respect to the mounting material to the instructions of the manufacturer of the insulation system. You need for mounting special plugs, since the insulation has to be bridged and a thermal decoupling is necessary.
  • For attachment to a house wall to offer carports with a flat roof or a shed roof. The roof must necessarily have a gradient that passes from the house. A roof drainage between house and annex is not necessary.
  • You can also set a gable or a hipped roof on your carport. This makes the roof drainage more difficult. Framing and roofing route the water to the house, must end in a gutter. With a hip roof a corresponding channel must also run at the front. Make sure that the fact the water has drained away from the house.
  • Pushes a roof on your house, a wall connection is always required. This prevents rainwater from the carport roof and the wall can run along. The seal is necessary even with a large gradient. The connection may consist of a profiled sheet. These dowels you a leg on the wall, the other is located on the roof of the carport. You also need the cracks between plate and wall with silicone caulk. Just do it, if you use tapes for wall or chimney connection.

Incidentally Inquire before construction in the community, whether you can build a carport. The rules are different. In most cases you can only use an approved kit or an architect must accompany the work.

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