build Cats defensive belt itself - how it works

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build Cats defensive belt itself - how it works

Build a stone defensive belt itself.

If you also want to protect your trees in the garden against the cats from the neighborhood, you can build a stone defensive belt for each tree trunk itself with the following instructions.

What is a cat Defence Belt

  • A cat Defence belt serves to prevent the own cats or the cats from the neighborhood not climb the trees in the garden.
  • The Cats defensive belt is attached to the tree trunk at a height of approximately 2.5 m. Thus there is no danger that children or adults can be injured by the Cats defense belt.

Building the Cats defense belt itself

Before starting the build yourself the Cats defense belt, you should measure the circumference of the tree using a tape measure around 2.5 meters.

  • In the next step you should first measure the metal strip on the length of the measured circumference tree and cut using a metal handle scissors.
  • Following you can wrap the metal strip with a barbed wire. Wear this, appropriate protective gloves to prevent injury from the barbed wire.
  • When winding the barbed wire you should ensure that the barbed wire several centimeters protrudes from the metal strip to ensure that the cat does not simply increase it.
  • In the last step you have cats Defence belt only install in your garden to the tree trunk. The Cats defensive belt should be positioned at a height of approximately 2.5 m.
  • To do this, simply wrap the metal band around the tree trunk and connect the two ends of the metal strip using metal nails. The metal tags you can attach with a hammer.
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