build dehumidifier for the car itself - how it works

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build dehumidifier for the car itself - how it works

Pinch the blotter paper firmly to the stuffing.

Construction of a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are nothing can draw as containers, through the air on and which are filled with a material that can bind the water and attracts water. So you can build a simple dehumidifier for the car:

  1. Take a plastic jar with a tight-fitting lid, for example a freezer box.
  2. Drill in each side wall a few holes. This should be about 10 mm. Make sure that the holes are only in the upper quarter of the can.
  3. Fill the jar 3/4 full with charcoal or cat litter. Pinch when filling a strip of blotting paper between the filling and can wall. The strip must protrude about 2 cm over the filling.
  4. Ask. The can in an appropriate location in the car
  5. Replace the filling when the paper feels wet.

Then you should look for dehumidifiers for cars

  • Pick a box that will fit under one of the seats. So the dehumidifier can always stay in the car and does not interfere. In this respect homemade dehumidifiers are superior to purchased.
  • When filling is suitable charcoal, but not pressed briquettes. If you take cat litter, use a product on Betonitbasis. If you use clumping litter, clumping is an additional indicator for the necessary exchange.
  • Charcoal and cat litter do not have to dispose of, you can dry the material in the oven or in the sun and use it again.
  • Check regularly that the blotter paper is dry. If this is wet, it is high time to replace the stuffing. Since you should at least once a week to check the paper, it is important that the dehumidifier is easy to reach.
  • Do not use salt for the dehumidifier in the motor vehicle, not even refill that can be bought for a dehumidifier, or finished Dehumidifier salt base. In these devices creates a sharp brine, which could easily be spilled in the car. This solution is difficult to remove from the flooring. It also promotes the corrosion of the metal sheet.
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