build doors itself - how it works

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build doors itself - how it works

to make wooden doors itself, is not difficult.

Want to build your doors in your home itself? No problem, anticipate you should consider how the doors, made of wood, should look like, what color, shape, etc. these should have. Have you decided to write down all the necessary materials and tools on a notepad and go with this to the hardware store. There you will find everything you need to build doors themselves.

customize wooden doors

  1. Measure the inside dimension of from the doorway.
  2. Take the chipboard and cut it slightly smaller (about 3 mm) than the internal dimension of the doorframe from.
  3. Saw your way the Squares for door width and height.
  4. On the backside of the plate you stick to the edge along the 4 handle sawn timber beams (2 vertical and 2 horizontal) and then press the glued timber beams and the plate using brackets fixed.
  5. You should remember that you stick on the page where you want to attach the door lock, two small and short Squares approximately 80 per x 80 cm with wood glue. In the resulting gap screw at a later date, the door lock.
  6. Glue horizontally, at a distance of about 10 cm, from top to bottom 19 other Squares on.
  7. The thick wood panel sawing the left, right and up about 1 cm larger than the particle board and the bottom fits directly to chipboard.
  8. Glue now the thick plate with the clamping plate and the square timber with wood glue and also this pressing firmly back with the brackets.
  9. Drilling out using the drill holes for the fittings, the door handle and the keyhole from. To do this, the door lock on the inside of the plate and are distinguished with a pencil the points for door handle and lock on.

After Selberbau incorporating comes

  1. Do your doors all ready built, let them stand overnight, so that the glue has dried.
  2. The next day you can then install your lock and attach the fittings.
  3. And finally, the doors are ready to be hooked into the door frame.
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