build fireplace console itself - how it works

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build fireplace console itself - how it works

Build a mantel.

Walls a fireplace console aerated concrete blocks

The basic idea is that you support the right and left of the fireplace with concrete blocks to a height of about 1 m and about put 2 plates forming the mantel. The dimensions can be according to your wishes and adapt to the available stones.

  1. Walls with concrete blocks and mortar in the appropriate distance two pillars for fireplace console.
  2. Attach on these stones the aerated concrete slabs. You can also take for U-profiles.
  3. Coat the entire fireplace console Streichputz without giving this a structure.
  4. Choose decorative elements that you want to attach to the fireplace console as stucco, and glue them on with tile adhesive or assembly adhesive.
  5. Swipe now again the Streichputz and smudge it transitions to the stucco, so it looks like a unified whole. You can also press the plaster an appropriate structure.

Production of stucco for the chimney breast

There are very nice Styrofoam strips, which are ideal as a plaster for a fireplace console. Unfortunately, this only see from a distance like gypsum. The remedy you can, where you cover them with a thin layer of plaster or paint with brush rendering. Unfortunately, this is not very durable, because the soft styrofoam yield at a hard blow and it can thus lead to ugly flaking. But in places where such joints are not to be feared, this method is good to use. Otherwise, do the following:

  1. If the fireplace is decorative only and not also gets hot, you should not use Styrofoam. Flatten the Styrofoam element with oil and press it in a column filled with plaster tub. Complain to it so that it is straight in gypsum bed.
  2. Remove the styrofoam when the plaster is hard, and emphasize the resulting negative mold with wax. Pour in this form again plaster paste and allow it to harden. To get stucco elements made of genuine plaster.
  3. Glue these elements with tile adhesive to the fireplace console and bring the final coat of paint as described on.
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