build flute itself

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build flute itself

Simple flutes are quickly made with few resources.

Select the appropriate timber for the flute

If you want to build a flute itself, take a walk in nature.

  • If you find a twenty centimeters long and thick as a finger (about two centimeters) strong branch, cut him generously. Make sure that it have the same thickness, as straight as possible and the ends clean and not frayed everywhere. For a so-called Obertonflöte you need wood which inside have a soft center.
  • For beautiful tonal qualities to elder, bamboo or willow Stock are. All three types of wood sound like a recorder, where bamboo and elderberry sound fuller and pastures Stock brighter. The latter is best to use in the spring when the pastures sticks are quite fresh. Bamboo stands by summer fully in the juice and elderberry good maturity after winter pruning.

So that you also get beautiful sound, it is a lot to consider when wood carving.

easily build your own Small flutes

No matter what material you have on hand, the steps to build a flute itself, are the same.

  1. Have a matching branch found cut it off carefully with a lopper. Cracking or breaking is not a good idea, so that the cut surface does not fray.
  2. For the air hole cut with the pocket knife (left or right) on the mouthpiece two notches in the wood. The first notch bring about half to two centimeters and four to five millimeters deep at the flute end. The second section let wedge-shaped run it.
  3. Now cut - about two thirds - the bark on a bottom of the limb, so that a ring is formed. Already comes the trickiest part.
  4. Embrace the floor with your right hand on beef cut. With your left hand, hold the remaining floor. Try by carefully turning the beef part resolve toward air hole.
  5. If the willow bark does not move, insert the willow flute on a flat surface. With the handle of the knife tapping now - but cautious - all around on the wood bark until you can be pulled off. Here, the pieces of bark must not be damaged.
  6. Now cut or saw off above the air hole from a straight piece of bare wood for the mouthpiece. This piece of wood set out and carve a thin chip from it. To protect the piece of bark, a light deburring is recommended.
  7. The beef tube plug on the bare wood body and insert the mouthpiece. Different Flötentöne you create where you blow into the mouthpiece and thereby move the road.
  8. Do you have problems with the sounds enlarge or reduce the air hole slightly. As simple as it may be to build a flute itself.

You might want to decorate or decorate his willow flute beautifully: Beautify the whistle at the bottom, for example, by additional fine carvings or typical Indian. Artificial feathers and bird feathers or shells found do well on it. Creative pick up the paint box and paint devised colorful patterns on it. A tip for last: Unfortunately a Weidenpfeifchen dries quickly, even if you put it in water overnight. But if you make flutes out of the pipe from bamboo or elderberry branches, you have a little longer for it.

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