build from Zinkwanne a mini pond for the balcony - Instructions

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build from Zinkwanne a mini pond for the balcony - Instructions

make a mini pond from a zinc tub

If you can get to an old tin tub, you should create your balcony a gem that will delight the whole summer - a mini pond. Between other plants it is a visual highlight for you and your visitors. Of course, some work to do until the pond in all its glory beautifies your balcony.

From a zinc tub make a mini pond - the preparatory work

  • Before you can create a mini-pond of a zinc bath, you need to investigate your condition. If this has already suffered, you should wash them thoroughly with a sponge and a scouring agent.
  • Then remove any handles, by simply sawing off this. Those sites you must then deburr with a file.
  • Thereafter, the pan should be repainted with zinc paint.

The Minipond build - the steps

  1. Brush the tin tub inside with a special plastic glue a.
  2. Then place the pond liner in the zinc tub and rub firmly. The supernatants cut after just off the edge.
  3. Then fill the bottom of the zinc tub with fine gravel.
  4. Obtain in a garden market special aquatic plants.
  5. then filling your Washtub with water and place a water plant. And now your mini pond is completed.

A special eye-catcher would be if you could tinker a wooden box for your mini pond into which you put the tin tub and exterior fill the tub with sand. Would hold so you can put plant pots then also.

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